After an couple figuts they have they tend to start skratching me until they get bored.... anyways is it normak for them to fight. Play aggression or mock fighting is a normal part of cat behavior. It is a way to establish who's the top cat. In the wild, cats generally have strong relationships with their moms, aunts, and siblings, says Dr. Jill Sackman, head of behavior medicine service at BluePearl Veterinary Partners. A few minutes later, they groom each other. Nancy Peterson, cat programs manager with The Humane Society of the United States, says a recent survey by the American Pet Products Association shows American cat owners had 2.45 cats per household as of 2008, up from 2.3 just a few years prior. Why Do Cats Fight? This was a growling, hissing, wrestling, fur flying fight. Ibjust don't want them to end up fighting as adult cats… Intercat Aggression. I’ve found in my consultations that many cat parents don’t always recognize the fact that their cats aren’t getting along with each other because there are … My 2 cats, one male, one female, both fixed, have begun fighting. Sibling cats fighting - advice needed. To determine if they are playing or fighting, observe their body language closely. Hi Mel, Behavior is always a challenging subject to deal with. Our boys are brothers, they are neutered AND they still fight like hell cats. They are swatting each other and showing their teeth, which has become somewhat frightening. Additionally, observe the nature of the fight. Usually when they'd get a little too aggressive with … Tails fluffed, backs arched, full fledged cat fight. I don't know if this is normal and its worrying me. With us it is Monty and Mr. Bean is the bratty "I can beat your butt if I want to" wannabe. Cats that are playing usually take turns. When there are two or more cats in a home, fighting is always a possibility. Cat parents become understandably upset when watching their feline family turn the living room into a battlefield. It is … The first step to stopping cat fights is to understand why they start. Originally it was one a month, mainly at night, but has now progressed to almost daily. However, it can be hard to tell at times if your cats are playing or fighting. Sibling Kittens Fighting { Wrestling} In A Tub Kitten siblings in a tub started play fighting/wrestling one another. My baby kittens (2) have been biting each other and clawing. The majority of the time, the fighting involves intact same-sex cats and worsens during mating season—90 percent of instances of inter-cat aggression can be decreased or prevented by spaying or neutering cats before their first birthday. milmol Posts: 3,535. ; The lowest-ranking cat—often an older or infirm kitty—can become a target that's bullied by the other felines. But once they’re on their own, they tend to be more solitary creatures. Their tails get puffy and the hissing, screeching and growling is very disturbing. Two hours later, right in the middle of my 9pm TV show, I suddenly hear a fight break out.

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