He then gave her a booster shot and some worm and flea stuff and charged me £129. Neutering a cat after one years old is still possible, but it can be more complicated because your cat has already reached sexual maturity. Hey, My neutered cat is showing all the signs of pregnancy: saggy belly,saggy nipples, always tired and laying down, eating more than usual and vomiting can she still have babies ? So, Friday, she goes into heat. All of my boy cats were neutered towards the end of last year, like around November. If you go back to the vets that originally did the spay they may do it for free as it is in a way their 'fault' (although it probably wasn't anything they did wrong as such). @thecatneuterer it has been ok for the last year or so. The female hormones are upsetting to the household. Spayed cat can happen because of several reasons. This is because although their tubes are cut and they can no longer produce new sperm, there can still be leftover sperm in the testicles. A cat can get pregnant whenever she goes into heat, or her receptive, fertile cycle. @thecatneuterer explained it far better than me! The cats were microchipped, vaccinated, had worm tablets and she told us both had been neutered. She can mate with more than one male during that period of time and can have a litter of kittens which contains kittens from one male AND kittens from the other male. When your girl cat is about four-months-old, she will start to attract the attention of tomcats who'll want to have sex with her. she bought her from the RSPCA and the had desexed the cat. But she needs to see the vet this week. To make it more and use every kind of occasions at its best. I am going to take her to the vet on Monday. Of course a neutered male cat can't get a unspayed female pregnant but you should still get both of them done. My friend still had the receipt and consent forms from the op. Sad but sensible. The typical gestation period for cats is about 9 weeks, and a pregnant cat will begin to display telling physical and behavioral changes soon after becoming pregnant. As having a unspayed female means there is still a big chance of accidents as she could get caught by another male. The yowling during birth was horrifying and the next day we had to bury her still-born kittens. It is important for you cat to have all the proper vaccinations before he is neutered. And even if she is an indoor only cat she is at risk of a sort of psychosis. To have judged? The male got neutered on Wed but the female could not have surgery due to a high liver enzyme they found in her blood workup. How strange about things getting left after spaying.6 months of flea and worm treatment plus vaccine does add up. However she is still coming into heat by the sounds of it so a bit of something must have been left behind and that is something they should sort out. Well it's easy to tell with the boy. This is because once it is neutered, it no longer produces sperms, so he has much lower testoerone levels, and essentially loses his sex drive. Are you down south?. I would certainly get her checked out but she sadly has multiple health problems and gets so scared going to the vets. The vet said it can happen if a little bit of tissue is accidentally left behind, but I don't see how that is biologically possible. However, the main reason people neuter a cat is so that he becomes infertile and can no longer get female cats pregnant. Depending on the stage and the vet, they can neuter and terminate the pregnancy at the same time. After being neutered, there is a dramatic reduction in testosterone levels but the hormone is still present just as a reduced level of progesterone will still exist in the system of the female cat. Thanks for the info catneuterer that is really useful. An ultrasound would be definitive, although if they have a record of her being spayed then I suppose that must be that. The best way to know for certain, though, is of course to take your cat to the vet. She has shown no interest in going outside for a long time so we are just making her comfortable and giving her lots of attention We had a trip to the emergency vet in the middle of the night recently and she was reluctant to keep her in even overnight because she was too distressed. At the risk of sounding stupid... can a cat stay pregnant, or become pregnant after being spayed. To use this feature subscribe to Mumsnet Premium - get first access to new features see fewer ads, and support Mumsnet. She claimed that her 8 month old cat got the neighbor’s cat pregnant. They tend to be less aggressive, don’t wander off as much, and are less at risk for certain types of cancers. She gave birth to two female kittens on 2/1/2020. I know a cat that was spayed and then several years later she gave birth to 3 still born but almost full term kittens. Cats can get pregnant starting from a very early age (i.e. The story seemed totally normal, until she said that her cat was neutered. She was certain that her cat was the father, because they are the same breed (Ragdoll Cats) and they are the only two cats within a 20 mile radius. While you can still neuter mature cats, the vet will likely run blood tests beforehand to check your cat’s kidney and other organs. Can Freshly Neutered Males Still Impregnate Females? If that were the case the vets should have told the owners and warned them to watch out for her coming into season.Whichever it is, if she is pregnant then a simultaneous spay/abortion would be best all round. I had the same problem with my male cat he humped the female and she was no longer in heat but was not pregnat either. According to the following sources - Do Cats Hump When They're Neutered? To Spay A Rescued Pregnant Cat Or Not can a neutered male cat get a female pregnant is important information accompanied by photo and HD pictures sourced from all websites in the world. If your vet says they don't do that just phone round to find one that will. Well now I am more confused than ever. Now the female cat is fatter than the start of the month. There are many benefits of getting a male cat neutered. ... , Isabella is a healthy 13 yr old female cat. I had my male cat neutered last year, even after surgery he still showed some sexual behavior toward the female cats on the house. Thats ridiculous. These can be fatal so it's important you have her looked at soon, especially if she's not acting 'right'. there are 3 cats in our household, another male kitten about 5 months who is neutered, and a male cat about 2 years, not neutered. Cat Pregnancy. If your cat has been spayed or neutered for several weeks but still appears to be sexually active, the first thing you should do is call your vet. That’s a lot of mouths to feed. @RustyPaperclips You should get your cat booked in to get that sorted. Spaying removes the womb, ovaries and basically all the female reproductive parts, if she was pregnant any kittens will of gone when they spayed her and they should of told you if there were any straight away. We normally see it around the age of 3 to 5 years.It's a slightly more involved op than a straight forward spay, but the vets should be able to find the stray bit that's causing the problems. It was 6 months worth of flea and worm stuff. Or maybe you asked them 'are they neutered?' i have a female cat about 6.5 months old, not spayed. Im in love ndon too have you not got a Medivet? Then his assistant came in and confirmed that the previous vet had spayed her, then he felt her again and told me she isn't pregnant just fat. Is it possible that the neutering didn't work? Mermaids 'deadnaming' Keira on their fb page, £100 voucher to win: Share your stories about your children’s favourite toys, Win up to £500 worth of clothes: Share what you would buy from Zalando, How do you feel about kids and gaming? In which case she will need an operation to find and remove it.Or there is just an outside chance that when she was spayed the vets only found one horn of the uterus and assumed she was born that way, whereas in fact the other horn was just 'hiding' somewhere and would require a midline spay (rather than flank) in order to find it. It's something to do with the hormones. A false pregnancy is when the girl cat has many of the symptoms of pregnancy but is not actually pregnant. Spayed cat. Can a neutered cat get pregnant? Even house cat are at risk as they can accidently get out or a male get … Yes, a neutered cat can still get a female cat pregnant. My little girl cat attracts boy cats every so often. They appear at our door and scream for hours on end. Your vet will advise you about the next steps after discussing the behaviors you have observed. My male cat is 3 y.o and was neutered at 4 months old. Theoretically, a female cat can remain in heat for up to 21 days. This is because a neutered cat can remain fertile for up to 6 months after he is neutered. At the start of January cats in the neighbourhood started sitting outside our back door and the boy cat kept pouncing on the girl cat, though I never saw them have sex. Awh feckit. If your cat was spayed, she had her uterus removed and so it is impossible for her to get pregnant again. It can be very stressful trying to make sure your cat doesn’t get pregnant and, if she does, you’ve got the worry of caring for her through her pregnancy, birth and the rearing of her litter. No they can not get a female pregnat after being fixed although they still have the urges for a few months after especially if you have waited a few years to get them fixed. While this story seemed unlikely, it is not impossible. My Dsis is a vet nurse and said that there is a small possibility that not 'everything' was removed during the neutering and that is why she is still attracting male attention. Does he have balls? Thankfully, even if your male cat does indeed come into contact with a queen in heat, he will not be able to get her pregnant -- which will help fend against feline overpopulation. Since he was just neutered two days ago, is there any chance he can get her pregnant? But female cats mature quickly and can conceive as young as 4 months old, resulting in a litter of kittens not much younger than herself. mostly i … Max, the boy, is starting to catch on and is attempting to mate with her (not very successfully it appears). It sounds illogical to me but my cat is showing many signs of … For a short period we... (7269 views) Vomiting and diarrhea in maltese puppy. None of my cats have ever been outdoors, they are all fully indoor. As I … When my female goes into heat, my male cat doesn’t completely get what he’s supposed to do. Let’s answer two more of Mrs. Kitty’s questions. Some cat owners confuse the signs of cat pregnancy and the cat being in heat. My female cat is 2 y.o, but is not yet spayed. Yes, a neutered cat can still get a female cat pregnant. Even after being neutered, the male may become stimulated enough to try to mount a nearby female cat … A false pregnancy is harmless to the cat, but repeated heat cycles are not so it is a … I am in London. If spayed she's unlikely to be pregnant. Without knowing what signs of cat pregnancy your kitty is showing, it is very difficult for me to comment. No, there is no way for a spayed cat to get pregnant. Some cats do gain weight in their belly region after they are spayed, so this may be what you are seeing. Anyway, worth a try. At the start of January cats in the neighbourhood started sitting outside our back door and the boy cat kept pouncing on the girl cat, though I never saw them have sex. Download this image for free in High-Definition resolution the choice "download button" below. I had read that this was normal because he was active before surgery so I … However, most often, if a female cat mates and is pregnant, she is not going to still be in heat up to 21 days later. We recently had a reader reach out to us with a pretty interesting story. Have you taken her to the vet? This is most likely what happened to our neighbors cat, who said her dog was neutered 4 months prior. This is why it's important to have her spayed before she is four-months-old to protect her from getting pregnant while she's still a kitten herself. A neutered male can still impregnate a female for about 3-4 weeks after neutering. Well, it's not a long pregnancy for cats so you'll find out soon.£129! I took her to the vet and he initially said that yes she is pregnant, he felt her tummy and said he could feel the kittens. The vet will check to see if a cat is pregnant before they perform the spay incision. To comment on this thread you need to create a Mumsnet account. Are vets often this unsure? A neutered male can throw a female cat into a false pregnancy. Most owners don’t think about neutering this early in the cat’s life, considering that she is still a kitten. Chance to win £100 voucher, Talk widget showing discussions of the day & trending threads, Subscribe to Mumsnet emails direct to your inbox. How Much Does it Cost to Get a Kitten Desexed. Whenever she's in heat she will be miserable and every un-neutered cat will seek her out, yowling outside your house for hours. Does this seem harsh or me being too sensitive ? I have two 8 month old cats. This is because although their tubes are cut and they can no longer produce new sperm, there can still be leftover sperm in the testicles. Is it true that you should keep a freshly-neutered male indoors for a week because he can still impregnate a female? A pregnant female cat and her descendants can account for the births of several hundred kittens in just a few years. I do find the vet bills very expensive. Not sure what ours charges for boosters these days (also London) as they put theirs prices down! Cats are very fertile, and a female cat can easily get pregnant if she’s outside and moving a lot. I pay £13 a month. We recommend neutering a cat at the age of around 4-6 months. Now the female cat … And I know for sure that my cat was neuteredThe most likely explanation is that your cat wasn't neutered thoughBest check with the vet. In Spring of 2006, we had a cat give birth in a garage the night before she was to be taken to be spayed. No, a female cat can't get pregnant once spayed as the ovaries are taken out. A homeless female cat has to care for her kittens until she can ween them and teach them how to fend for themselves in a hazardous environment. I am just worried because we really do not want kittens. The moment her ovaries are cut, she can no longer have kittens. It's hard to look at a cute little 6-month-old kitten and imagine her pregnant. A neutered male can get your cat pregnant up to 30 days after he's been neutered. The cats were microchipped, vaccinated, had worm tablets and she told us both had been neutered. A female cat can produce up to six kittens, three times a year. Yes I judged, I VERY judged. 4-6 months is a perfect time to neuter a cat because it is right before the cat will become sexually active. Is it a years worth of flea and worm stuff? could the cat be pregnant? Relax during and try to promote a drowsy baby shower and baby gear without paying or carrying sperm to travel can neutered cats still get pregnant easily to the baby for exactly how to possess a Infant Nursery Ideas: Drawing A Picturesque Of Memories. It is only a matter of time for her unfortunately. I’m sure technically they could. and they just didn't understand the word and thought you were referring to vaccinations (I come across that sort of confusion surprisingly often).Another possibility is that when she was spayed a small piece of ovary was accidentally left behind causing her to still come into season. It can sometimes be difficult to tell. There is absolutely no way your cat can be pregnant if she's been spayed. You learn a lot on here! The most likely scenario is that the owners were lying. However if your male was just neutered, then he can indeed get her pregnant. If you know how to spot these changes, it can help you determine if your cat is indeed pregnant. In today’s article we will explain why. And get boy cat checked too. However, apparently my female got pregnant by the last one before his surgery. Even after a cat is spayed, there are some cats that may still show signs of going into heat because the veterinarian did not remove all of the ovarian tissue. So if the cat just was neutered, keep him away from your female. Can the surgeries fail or theres a 1/10000 chance to still get pregnant from a neutered cat? If you own a female cat, and you don’t plan to use it for reproducing, it is recommended to get your cat spayed. The other could be from a pyometra or a uterine infection. Occasionally vets refuse to do it. so a friend of mine wanted me to ask, she has a 8 month old female kitten. No, most of the time a neutered cat will no longer mate with female cats. She can be chased far from home and not be able to find her way back for example. but lately her cat has been gaining weight and has a very round belly and she is eating EVERYTHING in sight, my mums cat is pregnant at the moment so i compared the cats behaviour and its prtty much the same. There are a lot of dangers involved in your cat repeatedly coming into heat. Is a male cat still fertile after neutering? It was more likely a dominance thing than trying to mate - think of it as "please make it stop, I hate this noise". Cats that come into heat but can't do anything about it (so normally flat cats) generally end up psychotic. can vets stuff … In some cases, your cat may need to visit the vet for an examination. The lady said they were both neutered, now I don't know what to think. This is because a neutered cat can remain fertile for up to 6 months after he is neutered. Mounting If your neutered male cat continues making conspicuous "mounting" positions long after being fixed, do not be alarmed. Unspayed females can become pregnant by one or more of their non-neutered male kittens. 6 months) as soon as they get their estrus or the heat cycle. This is page 1 of 2 (This thread has 26 messages.). Can a castrated (male) cat still have kittens? We adopted 2 cats when they were 10 months old from an owner who loved them very much but couldn't keep them due to health reasons. The female should be fixed as well though. Someone please tell me if she can because I am starting to get …

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