If one track bends along the line, a train goes off the rails. Words and Phrases. Whenever you make a list of items or actions in a sentence, using equal grammatical units is crucial. Parallel structure is vital in your writing in order to produce a piece of work with clarity and readability. My house is smaller than my brother. Revise each sentence so that the elements joined by the coordinate conjunction are parallel to one another. If two or more ideas are parallel, they should be expressed in parallel grammatical form. This is called parallel, or similar form. To have parallel structure, use matching nouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs when you write a list. The usual way to join parallel structures is with the use of coordinating conjunctions such as "and" or "or." If the first item stated in the list is a noun, the following items should also consist of nouns; if the first action is a simple past tense verb, then the succeeding actions must be in the simple past tense form of the verb as well. The rule of parallel construction forbids the joining of a verb with a noun. Understanding Parallel Structure. Creating parallel constructions shows the reader that two or more things relate to each other with equal importance. By using parallel structure, the writer indicates that all of the items in the list are of equal importance. Parallel Structure. Parallel Structure. With the -ing form (gerund) of words: Single words should be balanced with single words, phrases with phrases, clauses with clauses. Parallel Structure in a Sentence or Phrase . Answer: Here are a couple of ways to write that sentence in the correct parallel form: 1. This might seem self evident, since comparisons involve two subjects, but here are some examples. Parallel structure means using the same pattern of words to show that two or more ideas have the same level of importance. Parallel structure is important in both sentences and phrases. Make sure the structure joined with the first word mirrors the structure joined with the second word. This can happen at the word, phrase, or clause level. For example, all verbs should be in the same tense and form. Using the "ing" form of the verbs: Arriane's interests are … Sentence Parallel Structure - Exercise 1 Directions: Each sentence below contains faulty parallelism with coordinate conjunctions. Parallelism is a similarity of grammatical form for similar elements of meaning within a sentence or among sentences. Finally, parallel structure can be used with comparisons. Neither - Nor Mistakes This rule of parallel construction applies to all the correlative conjunctions. Think of railroad tracks, which run parallel to one another. Parallelism is often referred to as one of the basic principles of grammar and rhetoric, and you’ll see its use throughout literature.Parallelism has slightly different meanings, depending on the context, but it’s about balancing the weight or structure of ideas and phrases. Parallel structure involves using the same pattern of words or the same voice in a list of items or ideas. An example: Wrong: The coach neither wanted to lose nor to tie. Parallel structure places words, phrases, clauses, and sentences in a series of the same grammatical elements. Question: Can you help me fix the parallel structure of this sentence: getting rich and to buy a car are Arriane's interest? In rhetoric, parallelism means balancing two or more ideas or arguments that are equally important. Your writing will be clearer if the ideas within each sentence are written in a similar way.

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