Yesterday we told you about 5 PS4 exclusives to look forward to in 2014 and today we’re sharing the love and taking a look at 5 exclusives that are making their video game debut on the Xbox One this year.

Titanfall – March 11, 2014

Titanfall is arguably one of the biggest game releases this year and is the reason why most people currently own an Xbox One. It combines the fast reflexes of foot soldiers with the destructive power of giant mechs to create an experience unlike any other first person shooter on the market.

The game is being developed by Respawn Entertainment, which was founded by former Infinity Ward developers Jason West and Vince Zampella. If anyone knows the FPS genre the best, it’s these guys. Titanfall is sure to deliver one of this year’s best multiplayer experiences.

Project Spark – 2014

Media Molecule coined the term “Play, Create, Share” and since then developers have been churning out games that provide players with their own digital canvas to create whatever their imagination can dream. Project Spark is Microsoft Studios’ answer to giving players ultimate control over their desired gameplay experience with the ability to customize even the smallest element in the game.

Project Spark is currently in beta form and players have already built amazing creations. These type of games are only as good as their communities and with a thriving group of beta participants already, you can imagine the possibilities when the full game comes out later this year.

Fantasia: Music Evolved – 2014

Harmonix and rhythm games go hand in hand like drum and bass. Named after Disney’s 1940 animated feature, Fantasia: Music Evolved puts players in the role of Yen Sid’s apprentice where you are tasked with bringing the worlds around you to life through music.

The game is fully motion-controlled and is sure to make good use of the Xbox One camera. It also drops ratings and the traditional note paths in favor of more organic and creative motion.

Super Time Force – 2014

Whoever said that the PS4 is the only place for indie games clearly hasn’t seen Super Time Force from Capybara Games. The side-scrolling shooter is a cross between Contra and Braid where players must make their way through a barrage of bullets and explosions across different time periods.

The game features time travel, dinosaurs, and jedi lightsabers. What more could you possibly ask for?

Sunset Overdrive - 2014

Insomniac Games is most known for the Ratchet & Clank franchise, but they’re doing something entirely different for the Xbox One. Sunset Overdrive combines the an open world playground overrun by mutants with the ability to create and customize all sorts of wacky weapons. Add in some Mirror’s Edge style parkour elements and you have one of Xbox One’s most anticipated games this year.